Why Content Creation is the New Gold Rush: Talking Marketing, Mindset and Business with Nishi Patel

01 May 2023

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Nishi Patel is a fellow podcaster who specialises in helping businesses with their cash flow management and pricing, which is even more important in the current economic crisis.

He joins Christina to talk about his approach to business and marketing, including how he created his business as well as budgets, podcasting and mindset.


Focusing on content creation has allowed Nishi’s company to build interest and generate leads for a part of the market that didn’t exist.

Results take time; there is always a delay of at least six months in marketing.

A mindset shift was necessary for Nishi to transition from simply being an accountant to becoming a marketing director.

Marketing is an investment, not a cost.

Surround yourself with the right people with the same mindset as you.

Content creation and the social media age are the new gold rush.

The podcast space is still growing. Nishi likes to compete where others aren’t competing as you get better growth, and this is why he is focusing on podcasts.

The more time people spend with you, the more they trust you, which is why podcasts are a unique vehicle for developing relationships with potential clients.

Build a referral strategy; it’s an essential way to generate strong leads.

Marketing is important, but you have to spend just as much time on your offering.

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