How to Integrate Automation and AI into Your Business with Darin Adams from Keap

22 May 2023

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Darin Adams from Keap (previously Infusionsoft) joins Christina in this episode to talk about the strength and power behind AI and automation for businesses and entrepreneurs. Darin has shown people across the world how to run their businesses via the power of automation and how to utilise this to make their small and medium-sized businesses more successful. He talks with Christina about how he does this and shares the many benefits of automation and AI beyond just saving time as well as defines why no one needs to feel worried or overwhelmed when integrating these tools into their business.


Small businesses and entrepreneurs often fall into the trap of thinking they need to do everything themselves but automation is one of the best solutions to this.

Automation isn’t new, it’s just being talked about a lot at the moment. Keap actually started using automation over 20 years ago.

People are often intimidated when they hear the words automation and AI, but it’s simply because people don’t understand it.

You don’t have to automate from start to end, you can break processes down and automate parts of it, this alone can save you a lot of time.

To make a business successful you need good processes and structures, automation can aid you in doing this.

Automation and AI aren’t just about saving time, the benefits go way beyond this.

Sometimes we can get too focused on various new tech when instead we should be focusing on one thing at a time and making it work for us and our business.

If you can use automation to compile and validate the right data you can then use this to aid your strategy, marketing and follow-ups.

It’s actually a benefit of being smaller when start to integrate automation and AI into your business. If it is just you, you build the systems first before having to teach anyone else.

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