Why Wellness Matters in Business and Entrepreneurship with Lauren Lepley

17 Apr 2023

EP74 - Lauren Lepley - WEB THUMNAIL

As entrepreneurs, we can’t underestimate the importance of health, both physical and mental and Lauren Lepley joins Christina in this episode to talk about exactly how we can prioritise it. Lauren is a multiple business owner including a wellness centre she also coaches and mentors people around, strategising them as a human, to better themselves and their business.

She joins Christina to talk about all things wellness including the importance of sleep, finding out the things that count for you and gives tips and advice on what we can do to make a difference in our health to impact our lives and business. Christina and Lauren also talk about aligning your people, clients and business relationships with your vision and goals and why it’s ok to say no.


When it comes to business, there are a few things we need to prioritise staying on top of and one of them is our health, both mental and physical.

If we can be the best version of ourselves, recognise our weaknesses and utilise our strengths, then we can create better businesses too.

The world itself is simple; the only thing that complicates it is human beings.

If you can only do one thing for your wellness and commit fully to it, then focus on sleep as it impacts everything. Sleep is how our body regenerates, including our brain.

There is often a domino effect for health and wellness. As individuals, we have one element or habit that then impacts everything else, for the better. For Lauren, eating well is the thing that keeps her on track and dictates her sticking to other good habits.

Lauren doesn’t believe we should think of life as being balanced, as it gives the illusion that different areas should be equal and this is never the case. Instead, we should think about things as being ‘blended’, that we blend them alongside each other to suit our needs.

If we aren’t living in alignment with our needs then we won’t be living in our flow state, we will feel out of control and overwhelmed.

You need to have someone you can talk to, who is in your corner, whether that is a friend, coach or mentor it is vital.

Be authentic and unmasked whenever you engage, communicate and talk with people. Just be you and stay true to your vision, values and mission and the right people will find you.

You need the bad times and negativity to feel and be positive. The lows have to come with the highs.

There is nothing bad about saying no and turning clients down. You need to recognise when you can’t work well with someone. Think about if you are the right person for the job as well as if they are the right client/partner for you.

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