Who knew being a business owner would be so lonely?

It’s not all glitz and glamour - there are hard lessons to learn and a shift in mindset that no one can prepare you for…

Or can they???

Christina has met some truly engaging entrepreneurs who have amazing stories to share, people in business who have inspired her and people who she is simply in awe of. Moving from being a nobody to a business owner and entering the world of Entrepreneurship, these people have offered Christina their time, inspired her with their enthusiasm and gave her the courage to do more, be more and continue to grow.

This is a podcast for growth-focused business owners with an interest in marketing trends. Christina will talk Marketing of course, but this podcast promises to cover so much more.

“Digital Marketing is my subject of choice, I always say I help business owners who lack the time, enthusiasm or courage to make online marketing work for their businesses. I word things that way for a reason!”

Christina Robinson