Who’s in Your Hit List?

30 Aug 2020

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Christina looks at the importance of having a hit list as a business owner. She explores how this approach is based on building relationships with the results often only being seen in the longer term.

When you start your business, you need to have a list of people who are in your corner and are in your contact list or you are known to them because a recommendation from them is valuable.

When you identify influencers in your business arena they should be on your list and you should be working to become someone that is known to them and ultimately on their contact list.


I had a list of people who I had in my corner who could make a real difference to the business.

It’s about getting the attention of the influencers in your sector.

I favourited links to the profiles of people on my hit list.

I liked their content and left meaningful and thoughtful comments in response to posts.

There was no sell it was about starting a conversation.

The relationships I built are still coming to fruition now

It takes energy and effort and it’s not a short term result but it does work.

This is long term approach and you have to be consistent but the results can be very positive for your business.

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