Cyber-Attack Tsunami is Coming Your Way; What You NEED to Know; With Francis West)

30 Aug 2020

Francis West - Christina Talks Podcast

There has been a tsunami of cyber-attacks on small businesses and Francis West who is a specialist in cybersecurity who is on a  mission is to educate 1 million people by 2023 about cybersecurity and how to protect themselves.

They discuss the statistics and how hackers can easily access to your accounts with an astounding rise in attacks from 1 every 4 seconds to 4 every single second over the past few months.

This is an education in why everyone needs to taketh e issue of cybersecurity very seriously because it can potentially impact on us all and has long-reaching consequences for those targeted.


It’s about education and increasing the layers of security for everyone.

You are nine times more likely to suffer from a cyber-attack than a burglary.

Since the lockdown, there has been a huge increase in IT scams

You need to evolve the right culture in your business, a culture where even the highest and most valued customer paperwork can be questioned.

68% of small businesses in the UK have already been compromised and it takes them on average 237 days to find out.

It’s gone from 1 every 4 seconds to 4 every 1 second.

Anti-virus software can only protect you against known threats

People need to take the threat of cyber-attacks seriously

Early detection is key and this is only possible through constant monitoring.

For less than 5 pounds a month you can be notified if your password appears on the dark web.

Being in business is all about knowing your numbers every month

In marketing, there is usually one thing that you are not doing that if you did would make a positive difference to your business.

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