Reconnect With What You’re in the Business of Doing

23 Nov 2020

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Today Christina proudly admits she has a lot going on in her head so is treating us to a ‘mind-dump’ episode. It’s time to reconnect, reflect and re-evaluate!


There is a force out there that is sending a lot of positive energy to Christina right now and for this she is incredibly grateful but it is pretty overwhelming.

Christina lives for the little lightbulb moments and the jumps of joy from her clients.

Because of the way of the world at the moment Christina is feeling exhausted. She is constantly switched on thinking about what she needs to do next to help her clients in a time where they need it even more than ever.

The more you can let people in and show vulnerability the more you will gain.

If you are going through the motions because stress is sucking the fun out of life then take some time to reconnect. Spend a day ‘giving’ and then re-evaluate.

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