An Elite Mindset – Interview with Fran Halsall

30 Nov 2020

Fran Halsall - Christina Talks Podcast

Today Christina interviews Fran Halsall, a recruiter but also a previous Olympic athlete in swimming! They talk about mindset, swimming, competition and more. An inspiring and perspective challenging episode.


Fran is one of the fastest female swimmers on the planet! From a child she knew she wanted to be an Olympian.

At the Olympics Fran felt her first true failure and it was extremely difficult for her to deal with as swimming had been her identity for so long. She didn’t know how to deal with it. But ultimately that failing lead her to be at the top of her career.

Peoples who careers are in sports often have that career end at a really young age. So they then have to decide what to do next.

Fran decided she wanted to own her own coffee shop, after doing that she became a marketer at a corporate company. It was in doing these things that she learnt so much more about people as well as herself.

If you are going to be successful in recruitment you must be able to deal with being knocked back but then celebrate the small wins. It’s the same in sport.

Make time to appreciate the success you have had.

Common amongst entrepreneurs and sports people, pushing yourself to be the best you can be is one of Fran’s core values. She believes this is how she has got where she is today and it’s something that can truly transform others’ lives.

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