Don’t Be Alone – Christina is Interviewed by Paul Green

16 Nov 2020

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Today the shoe is on the other foot! It is Christina being interviewed by Paul Green, a friend of hers who also runs networking community group ‘The Business Community’.

Paul asked Christina if she would be interviewed by him for his Spotlight Series, the questions he asks her are far more about her development and philosophies and makes a really intriguing listen which is why she wanted to share this interview on the podcast.


When buying a business, it’s important to be impartial. A good way to do this if you are already involved in the business you are buying is to take the figures to a third party to look at.

Christina first joined Green Umbrella as a freelancer but progressed fast and ended up have a large responsibility for decisions and it was at this point she decided she wanted to buy the business.

Although because of Covid many businesses have remote workers at the moment this is something Green Umbrella have been doing from the start in a really thought-leading way. They have various ways to ensure that productivity and creativity flows despite employees working remotely.

Christina does admit though that creativity and problem solving can happen quicker in an office-based environment in some scenarios.

It can be lonely to be a business owner. Having a mentor or being part of a community is a life line. There are very few business owners out there that have all the answers.

Christina freely shares resources and information to people. She educates freely. She says if then clients decide to use her company what they are paying for is experience, expertise and time.

The number 13 is unlucky for some but not for Christina. The number 13 has and continues to appear in so many areas of Christina’s life.

Making noise on social media isn’t enough. You need to have a strategy, an objective and a purpose for each channel.

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