Let’s Talk About Accountability!

07 Dec 2020

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Today Christina talks all about accountability! Christina has been working with an accountability partner and it has been working so well for her she really wants to share it with you all. Anyone who is an entrepreneur, business owner or who works in marketing can immeasurably benefit from the tips in today podcast, not to be missed!


Reflecting on the changes that Christina has made around accountability is what has made her want to share it on the podcast.

An accountability partner is someone you can just ‘voice’ to. It’s a way of gaining commitment from yourself.

Figure out what tasks you find difficult to do, this is where an accountability partner can really come into its own. You can give yourself extra incentive to ‘make’ yourself do the things that you may usually put off or procrastinate on.

It can be lonely being a business owner. Sometimes you just need someone you can share and celebrate your successes with.

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