What Do You Find Sexy? Interview with John Scotcher

14 Dec 2020

John Scotcher - Christina Talks Podcast

Today Christina talks to John Scotcher, a web developer who runs his own business. They talk about business, writing, creativity, ways of working and more. A fun and informative episode.


John started his business in 1999. He has built over a thousand websites in his time!

Being ‘locked down’ has actually made Christina more sociable. She has become more conscious of the time that she spends not being social.

Christina and John agree that putting the effort in and doing what you find sexy is one of the ways to get great results. There will always be things you don’t find interesting or exciting. If possible it’s best to ‘stay in your lane’ as the things that you are passionate about and are good at you will succeed in naturally.

John likes a job where he has challenges, having as much experience he has this can be a ‘challenge’ in itself. He loves the research stage and at the moment particularly likes working on websites that ‘do stuff’!

It’s important to know your worth and your value. Charge clients appropriately, don’t worry too much about being expensive. The right clients will pay the right price for your expertise.

Whenever something becomes available to everybody you’re going to get people pitching their products at different points in the market, there’s also going to be a market for both.

John has written two novels, the first he states is not very good! But he is much prouder of his second novel, that has made him some money and did win an award. He is currently working on the sequel.

There are many areas where the tools to create are now readily available. Such as writing a novel or creating a film. However the tools don’t give you inspiration or creativity.

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