I’m Awesome! A Conversation with Jamie York

25 Jan 2021

Jamie York - Christina Talks Podcast

In this episode Christina talks to Jamie York, a serial entrepreneur and mentor. They talk about marketing, mind-set, money and more. Listen in for a conversation full of tips, strategies and little bit of banter!


Jamie has been in business for a decade, most of his current businesses are in property.

The property education world at the moment has come under scrutiny. Jamie believes this is due to our attitude, towards money and self-education as well as a couple of ‘bad eggs’.

Self-education as a concept is quite unusual when we think about how we traditionally learn as children and young adults through school and university.

Many people see education as an easy way to make money and this is why you get quick fixers who can leave a bad taste in some people’s mouths.

As a mentor, you need to be able to adapt yourself to work with the individual in order to coach effectively.

Jamie would never be mentored by someone who doesn’t have a mentor themselves. He believes in the ‘trickle down effect’ and that mentoring should be an endless resource.

Jamie is a real people person. He likes connecting with individuals and building relationships and value. On the whole he likes believing in people and trusting them and he hasn’t found himself being burnt very often from this.

To hit your goals you have to put the work in and to put the work in you need the space and time. Jamie books a couple of days out of his schedule away from his work and home life to purely focus on his goals.

Many business owners overestimate what they can do in a short period of time but underestimate what they can achieve over a longer period of time.

Regular and scheduled reflection on your goals and work is key to keeping you on track and helping you achieve. It’s also important to note your achievements as well as what you need to work on, you need to believe in yourself.

Jamie believes winners ‘own their sh*t”. When good or bad things happen they take ownership. Losers make themselves victims and blame everyone else but themselves.

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