18 Jan 2021

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Each year in January Christina likes to go back and revisit her competitor analysis. In January, everyone is looking at their marketing strategy, setting goals and revisiting platforms. By doing your competitor analysis in January you can get a really good benchmark on what your competitors think they should be doing. Listen in to Christina Talks today to find out more on how to get the most out of your competitor analysis.


Competitor analysis is simply about getting an understanding of the differences between you and your competitor and looking to find where there are the opportunities for you to do better.

Many people spend too much time throughout the year looking at competitor analysis. If you spend every day looking at it, you are leaving much less time to look at your own business.

After doing her initial analysis in January, Christina likes to take a look again in March time to see who has ‘moved the needle’ and who hasn’t.

Look at the branding, content and keywords of competitors. Also look at the promises they are making and the problems they are identifying and saying they can solve.

Look at both branded and unbranded content of your competitors.

Be careful when looking at connections of businesses. Sometimes you have to ask how loyal is the following they have? It can be more useful to look at engagement on social media rather than numbers of followers.

Just pick two and three competitors and try and get something meaningful at the end of it. Don’t spend weeks on it.

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