How to Grow Self-Belief and Master Your Life: Speaking with Nick James of Expert Empires

21 Mar 2022

Nick James - WEBSITE

Join Christina in this episode as she speaks to entrepreneur, coach, speaker and fellow podcaster Nick James! Nick has a growing business empire and contributes a lot to the world of entrepreneurship in the UK, through various means including his podcast Empire Builders and his own event company Expert Empires.

Christina and Nick talk about entrepreneurship, Nick’s own story and the importance and value of self-development for everyone.


Nick was exposed to personal development and self-improvement from a young age. Nick’s mum was actually a trainer for Tony Robbins so it was no surprise that at just 12 years old he had a natural interest in events, coaching and self-development and by his late teens he was working for Tony Robbins himself!

Expert Empires is Nick’s event company. It is the culmination of over 27 years of being in and around the world of personal development. It’s Nick’s version of giving people the best experience in self-development and building their business.

When you surround yourself with the right people, those who have a growth mindset, the lessons you learn are huge.

The best way to introduce your children to ‘alternative education’ is to be the best example of that education and what it can do.

Education, information and self-development is more accessible than it has ever been. You can simply go onto Spotify or Apple Podcasts and find millions of hours of education for free. The success of Podcasting has changed the landscape of self-development and the information world.

Christina compares events like Empire Builders to a retreat. It gives you time to stop the everyday, refocus and realign yourself to work on your own development, business development or both. You can take the time to work on your life rather than in your life.

Everyone has at some level, limited beliefs. Whether that is what they can achieve in work, at home or even financially. You get what you believe you are capable at that point in time so it is so important to increase and grow your belief in yourself throughout life.

The vision comes first the ‘how’ comes later. Make a decision and create the space for it to happen. Vision is made up of purpose, mission, and values

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