The Impact of Social Media, Money and Our Senses on the Human Experience: Speaking with Dillon Dhanecha

28 Feb 2022


Dillon is a philanthropist, economist, consultant and most of all, a humanist. He has so much love and understanding for the world and this alongside his passion for everything in life is why Christina was drawn to his message. In this episode Christina and Dillon talk about media, how the tech world is changing, the impact this is having, and will continue to have on our evolution as well as mindset and how we can all have a net positive impact on the world around us.


We all learn from our parents, they and the trauma they have had often unwittingly gets passed down to us. Both Christina and Dillon are the children of refugees and this has shaped them in more ways than one.

We all exist on a dual field of existence. Both the material and the metaphysical. Dillon believes having a true understanding of both is important for true and lasting success.

When Dillon thinks of how humans should move forward, he thinks about evolution and how moving past the 5 senses is necessary to move the entire human species forward. Right now, we are stuck in living to own, living in our senses, in fear and in insufficiency.

Facebooks shares and followers have dropped, could this be the beginning of the end for big tech? Dillon supports TikTok because it has created a true opposition to the giants such as Facebook. He welcomes change and the ‘alternative’.

It’s important to think about how world events, rhetoric and the media are linked. Are we playing into the hands of those who want to remain in control?  Can certain things be linked and if they are, think about why?

We are living in a shareable world. We need to protect ourselves in this sense but also, if you have something positive to share then you have a responsibility to do so.

It’s not a numbers game, it’s a passion game. The more passionate you are about what you are talking about the more likely people are to listen to you.

We can all have a net positive impact on the world by elevating our individual levels of consciousness. Moving away from compulsive actions, thoughts and behaviours and instead, monitoring how we are thinking and how and why we are behaving as we do.

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