The Power of Passive Income: Speaking with Lisa Johnson

03 Apr 2022

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Lisa Johnson is a successful business owner and coach. Lisa grew up in poverty and was bullied her entire life. She worked incredibly hard to build a career in an investment bank but it was when she had her twins that her perspective changed; this was the start of her journey to building a passive income.

Listen in to hear all about her story and what it takes to run a successful business, how you can turn that into passive income and the personal development industry. Christina and Lisa also talk about how adversity fuels success, what needs to change in the business world and the importance of patience.


Everyone in Lisa’s family had lived in poverty, she made a conscious decision to change the pattern. She could only do this by taking risks and making changes. She didn’t want the poverty to continue on to her boys so this is what she did.

After turning her own business round into a success, Lisa found people kept asking her for advice so she decided to create a consultancy firm and teach people what she did!

Unfortunately, although the business was successful, it was burning her out and she was working far too much. So, she began to consider different business models and then learnt about passive income.

Having a tough life where you have faced adversity prepared Lisa for business. It meant she always found a way to do things and to make things happen. She continues to use adversity to fuel her fire in everything she does. It’s ok to use the negative things that happened to you to push you forward.

You don’t learn from one person. You learn from many. Lisa understand that’s the strength in her business comes from her entire team not her alone.

Not everyone’s measure of success is about money. It’s easy to lose sight of this.

Patience in business is essential. It’s incredibly unusual to have success overnight, it takes time and hard work to make a successful business.

Hurt people hurt people and Lisa recognises this. She was passionate about doing something to help both those who are bullied as well as the bullies themselves so she became an ambassador for Bullies Out.

People think women can and want to do it all. But that isn’t the case for so many, women don’t want to do everything, they want help.

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