How To Build A Strong Personal Brand And Why It’s Important!

04 Oct 2020

Azzy Aslam - Christina Talks Podcast

Today Christina switches roles and is interviewed by Azzy Aslam. They talk all things personal branding as well as online privacy, professionalism and more. Tune in today to discover what you need to be doing to have a great personal brand in the workplace and truly ‘market yourself’.


Sometimes you don’t realise that a moment was pivotal in your career until you look back years later – Both Azzy and Christina experienced this.

Personal branding is about people knowing about you, not just the business you work for. If your personal brand is strong enough then people will choose you and your brand rather than a competitor.

It’s key to get the balance right between the business branding and personal branding

Your personal brand is all about deciding the perception you want to create.

Just because you are making yourself personable it does not mean that you have to completely open yourself up to the world – you don’t have to share everything publically. You can still have a strong personal brand without revealing all.

If you wouldn’t want particular information published on a billboard outside your house for all to see – then don’t put that information online.

If you ever need to do anything really difficult that requires a lot of brainpower – do something physical, it helps blood flow and kicks in neurotransmitters to make you more alert.

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