Christina Talks Strategy and Tactics!

11 Oct 2020

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Today Christina talks about strategy and tactics!

Is what you are doing in line with your overall strategy? Do you know what the difference is between strategy and tactics? Listen in today and find out what you and your business should be doing to get this right!


Christina works with a lot of businesses that come to her about her marketing strategy. Often although clients say it’s their strategy they want help with its tactics they are talking about.

A strategy is a plan, that’s usually long term that gets you to where you want to be.

You should be looking and reflecting on your strategy frequently, it shouldn’t be something that is written at the beginning and then forgotten about.

It’s key that every single thing you ‘put out there’ is in line with your overall strategy and is part of your ‘battle plan’.

Look at your content. Ensure you are talking about the right things, do a sense check and make certain you are talking about the right things and pitching at the right level.

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