The Number Thirteen: Interview with Cream of The Crop Spencer Lodge

18 Oct 2020

Spencer Lodge - Christina Talks Podcast

Today Christina talks to Spencer Lodge, an inspiring motivator and businessman.

Spencer still feels like a true ‘salesguy’ at heart and this is a driving force in so many areas of his life.

Listen in today to hear how Spencer got to where he is and for some inspiring and practical tips.


Christina feels the fact she is talking to someone with as much success and prestige as Spencer Lodge is the product of the work she has put into herself and her brand.

Christina saw Spencer speak at an event and at the time she didn’t know who he was but he ended up being the most impactful speaker she listened to across the whole three day event.

As business owners we have decisions to make – Spencer has a great phrase: ‘paralysis from analysis”. This simply means you are not making decisions because you are overthinking!

Spencer has always been very energetic when it comes to work, he compares himself to a comedian when he is on stage, he is the life and the soul at that moment.

Spencer’s competitiveness as a young age made him want to be better, he had aspirations, he wanted to raise to the top.

Spencer’s business model is hugely successful, everything ‘feeds’ into everything else. It allows Spencer to focus on key areas.

People find it easy to knock sales people, to not treat them as important. Spencer does not believe this is right at all – sales is important, everybody needs sales.

Spencer has released over 100 episodes on his podcast now, he has very many people requesting to now be on his podcast – a true measure of success!

Sometimes we need a reminder or a wake-up call to stop us feeling like we are victims. To remind us we are lucky.

A great way to deal with trolling and nasty online comments is to actually talk with those commenting.

Anyone who fears negativity online, try and remember the amount of rubbish that is written daily about celebrities and let it reframe your fear.

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