Your Journey Starts with You: Overcoming Perfectionism, Discovering the Power of Mindset and Becoming Self-Aware – Speaking with Geraldine McGrath

22 Dec 2021


In this episode, Christina talks to mentor, network marketer and mother of four Geraldine McGrath from Northern Ireland. Geraldine talks about her journey of personal development where she managed to overcome childhood pain, trauma, perfectionism and more by becoming self-aware. Listen in to this episode to hear how Geraldine achieved this and why she believes you have to make yourself uncomfortable and often endure painful truths to become your most authentic and best self.


Geraldine was working in a family business of day nurseries but after baby number four she felt stuck and wanted to see what else was out there. She began working in network marketing and this was the start of her mindset change and self awareness journey.

As a young child, due to illness, moving and then bullying, Geraldine realised her voice had been silenced. She had to do a lot of self-development and work to turn this around. She has been able to create her own self-awareness journey and harnessed something powerful within herself.

If you are feeling stuck, you need to take some action, become uncomfortable and make change happen for you and your life, then the rest of the journey can begin.

The world has changed a lot for families and women in the past couple of generations yet many of us harbour more traditional values, especially when it comes to working and motherhood, which can pile on the pressure. It can be hard to not take other peoples opinions on board and make decisions based on things that don’t serve us.

Geraldine believes you should make decisions based on your gut, then your heart and then your head, so tuning into your gut and what it is telling you is key to living a fulfilling and authentic life.

Procrastination is almost like a habit. By becoming self aware of her procrastination and how she created a narrative for it, Geraldine was able to change the trajectory of her life.

Once we are grateful for what we already have in our lives, we are then ready to allow more things in and can create a bigger and larger life.

Your inner voice is your daily narrative, what is it saying? If it’s negative, try and flip it. Once you are aware of your inner voice and what it is saying you can start taking steps to make it say what serves you.

Your journey starts with you. Everyone’s journey to self-awareness is different and when and what that looks like will be unique but what is the same is the power of the self.

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