Continuing to Make Things Happen in 2022; Christina’s Reflection on 2021 and the Lessons She Will be Taking into 2022

10 Jan 2022


Christina spent some time between Christmas and New Year reflecting on the strategies and goals she had made for 2021. It made her realise why she hadn’t achieved some things but also what had produced and generated her successes of the year too. Listen into this episode to gain insight into what 2021 meant for Christina and the lessons she will be taking into 2022.


The reality is, that Christina didn’t achieve everything she wanted to, but by doing this she allowed herself to put a ‘big tick’ against one of her main aims for the year; to not give herself a hard time.

2021 was again a very turbulent year, so much has been out of everyone’s control and Christina hasn’t been immune to this. Christina was able to pick herself up after some challenges but she has realised she didn’t follow one of her own pieces of advice, which is to realign yourself.

Despite the many challenges in 2021 Christina achieved a lot, including winning entrepreneur of the year. This is in part, due to years of hard work and skills she has built into herself and her systems that are now subconscious. But it is also down to the fact she has stopped giving herself a hard time for what she hasn’t achieved and focused on her accomplishments too.

Christina has 100% faith in herself and her team and she will be taking this faith and positivity into 2022.

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