You Have to Give to Get Results – Christina Talks Clubhouse and Marketing

15 Mar 2021

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Today Christina focuses on clubhouse and marketing. Clubhouse is a new social media platform and it has created a lot of fear of missing out as it is invite only and just on ios.

It’s a real time, audio only experience that you can dive in and out of. Listen in to today’s episode to find out more about clubhouse and how you can integrate it into your social media and marketing strategies.


Everything that happens in the app is in the moment, it’s real time, it’s unrehearsed and that means so many more people join in the conversation.

There are quite a few complaints from some people about the app. One of Christina’s frustrations is that people don’t understand that the app was launched in Beta mode and it’s not even a year old.

Many social media platforms have come and gone over the years, Christina feels like right now because people are so immersed in clubhouse and there is so much interest, it is probably here to stay.

If you can leverage new social media apps in the early days, when they come to market as they are building, then you will be many steps ahead of other people and businesses.

When you approach any social media, including clubhouse, every minute you spend on there in a work capacity needs to be purposeful. Christina tries to be really targeted on all social media apps.

Christina has engaged and met so many people on clubhouse. She has even found guests for this podcast on there. She is not afraid to give people better answers via a different platform and this has worked really well for her.

Like anything in marketing, being segmented truly works. If you can try and choose 2 or 3 clubhouse rooms to focus on each week that work for your target market you will start to see results.

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