Social Media Marketing with Julia Kermode

22 Mar 2021

Julia Kermode - Christina Talks

Today roles are reversed and Christina is interviewed by Julia Kermode. Christina talks about some top level social media marketing strategies and tips for new business owners in this shorter but impactful episode.


In the modern world, marketing is about enabling conversations to happen and this is what Christina’s firm focus on

Many people see social media as an easy win, however, it’s not that simple. Just creating an account and adding a post isn’t enough. This is where marketing firms can help.

One of the mistakes people make is they focus on the social media platforms they enjoy and are comfortable with personally, rather than the ones that would work best for their business.

The reality is people buy from people. A personal brand isn’t a new thing it’s just been given a name and more of a platform in recent years due to influencers etc.

Consider the information and value you give in meetings as content. If you make a very good point on a discussion or subject, you should be then using that for social media content.

When people read your content they should be able to hear your voice. They should be able to visualise you.

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