Why Teamwork, Strategy and Mindset are Essential to Success – with ex-Pro Rugby Player George Chuter

27 Jun 2022

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After meeting at a charity event Christina has invited retired professional rugby player and Public Speaker George Chuter onto the podcast.  It was during their conversation at the event Christina realised George had a wealth of wisdom, knowledge and skills relevant to business.

Christina and George talk about George’s career, the importance of strategy and instincts in decision making as well as why relationships and teamwork are essential to success.


George never anticipated being a professional rugby player when he first started playing. The sport only became professionalised during his first year of University in 1995. George discusses with Christina how he has relied on his intuition during career decisions and following what makes him happy rather than strategy and planning.

George outlines the transferable skills which being a profession sportsman has given him. These include the ability to connect with lots of different kinds of people, self motivation, discipline, confidence and learning to talk to people.

What are the secrets to good rapport when interviewing people during public speaking? Since he has started doing interviews George has tried to create an open conversation. Know your subject but then just talk and try to get behind the usual stories. This creates a more engaging talk rather than hearing the same stories.

The best advice George can give is just to talk to people. Step outside your comfort zone and make relationships with people.

Taking the opportunity to speak with lots of different people brings lots of rewards, including making you a more rounded human and opening networking opportunities.

Hard work is key. George explains how he wasn’t the most gifted athlete but he worked hard to maximise himself to compete at the level he was at.

In sport, like in business, reflection is key to success. Analysing what went well, what didn’t and how to improve.

Resilience and stubbornness to succeed is essential. Better athletes than George fell away while he rose to professional level.

A great team has honest and open communication. George suggests the best coaches are able to hand over control to the team, this builds resilience and learning. Christina agrees and notes how her team will tell her when her ideas are bad as well as good which allows business to grow. She trusts her team to perform without her.

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