What is Emotional Fitness and How Can You Develop It? Christina as a Guest on The Women’s Power Hour with Clare Davis

04 Jul 2022

Power Hour

Christina joins Clare Davis on the Women’s Power Hour. Clare is an expert on emotional fitness and she talks to Christina about all the things she has done and continues to do to work on her emotional fitness. Christina also opens up about the trauma and difficulties she had to face before developing her own emotional fitness and how you can work on yours too!


Success is about how you feel, it doesn’t have to be something big it’s actually all about a feeling and this is what Christina is addicted to!

Emotional fitness to Christina means awareness. Being self-aware of your emotional state, knowing when to take a break and having the strength to recognise what you need and advocate for those needs.

Being able to say ‘I love you’ to yourself is an incredibly hard thing to do. But when you can do it, it’s so powerful.

At age 21 Christina was doing really well, But just a few months later she had lost everything. This happened because her emotional fitness didn’t exist.

By her late 20s Christina had resigned herself to things just happening to her, she almost had a victim mindset. But in 2018 she decided enough was enough and she was going to change the course of her and her families life.

Realising that her life wasn’t supposed to be how it was, made her recognise that she had control over what happened next.

Build yourself a support network that can recognise when you are struggling and help you with the tools to getting back to being emotionally fit!

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