The Three Keys to Using Social Media as a Launch Tool

24 Jan 2022


Christina talks about how and why social media is the perfect tool to help you launch a whole host of things from a new business to a new product. She also talks about the three key elements you must focus on to enable a successful launch.


Start to understand the process of launching. The first thing you need to do is think about your audience. Consider who your audience is and what things they would be interested in other than what you are launching. You can then use this to pivot your launch and ‘seed your content’.

If you don’t have a lot of awareness around your product/service or much of an audience yet you may need to allocate a budget for ads.

Having a pre-launch plan can make all the difference in whether your launch is successful. When creating your campaign, include a pre-launch plan and incorporate things such as hints and teasers. Your aim needs to be to build anticipation, excitement and get buy in.

Focus on highlighting to your audience how you are going to help them, make it clear how your service and/or product will help their lives.

Make sure you use the right social media channel for your product/service and ensure you integrate it with other forms of marketing such as email campaigns.

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