The Importance of Goal Setting in Your Business and in Life with Doug Bennett

14 Feb 2022

CT Goals

Christina talks to financial advisor, author and podcaster Doug Bennett. They have a conversation about the importance of goal setting, how you can make it an everyday part of your life. They also discuss managing clients, the value of joining peer groups and how you can benefit from a mentor.


Doug was impacted by the global financial crisis and almost went bankrupt. This made him create some goals, leading him to him selling his successful business several years later, writing the book Goals Do Come True and creating a podcast!

Doug’s first book was geared towards other financial advisors but he went on to rewrite it towards Entrepreneurs, so they could learn about everything they need to know to have successful journey: Think Simple, Win Big: How to Build the Business of Your Dreams With A few Simple Goals.

If you can structure your goals in the right way then you can transform your life. This is what Doug is so passionate about, helping others actualise the lives they want and achieve their goals.

Your subconscious plays a big part in making your goals a reality, this starts by writing them down. A simple task to start with this is to write 10 goals down every day for around 10 days, without referring to earlier entries. You will then end up with your very important goals left at the end of the 10 days, usually narrowed down to 2 or 3.

When being an entrepreneur and running your own business, alongside goal setting, mindset is essential in creating and maintain your success. Especially in difficult or turbulent times such as during a recession. Finding a peer group can really help with this, being around likeminded people who can also offer you support.

It’s important to recognise if working with a client is going to be the wrong decision. You need to learn to say no in a professional but honest way.

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