Structure is Everything

15 Feb 2021

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In this episode, Christina talks about structure. Christina loves a spreadsheet and is quite systematic and believes structure is everything. Creating structure allows you to organise your thoughts and get from A-B without it being a painful process.


Christina talks and works with structure in her work and it makes her wonder why sometimes things still ‘go sideways’, particularly in some areas of podcasting.

After spending some time on clubhouse Christina reflects on how ‘unstructured’ a platform it is. She thinks although that is what is great about it, it is also influencing her when trying to work on other areas, like her podcast.

It’s key that whatever you are doing you build an initial structure and you recognise when you are not sticking to it.

As a podcaster, Christina has learnt there is a skill in being able to organise your thoughts in your head and bring it to a point without boring people along the way.

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