Don’t Over Tech It! Christina Talks Marketing Tools, Technology and Keeping Things Simple and Relevant

06 Dec 2021

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Christina has been working in a marketing role with recruiters with businesses since 2013, and she has found time and time again that clients, before coming to her, have been ripped off. In this episode, Christina talks about the misconceptions around cost, automation and technology in marketing services and what can be done to challenge this.


Part of the problem is people often have the incorrect preconception that the cost of getting marketing or web design is a lot. So then when they are quoted high amounts they don’t question it.

The more tech you have when it comes to marketing activity, the more things you have to consider and think about.

If you ask for help, people will always want to help you. However, be mindful of where you get your advice from. Go to people you deem to be an expert on the subject you are asking for help about.

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