Anti-Bullying: Why I am No Longer Accepting Trolls and Negativity Online

23 Nov 2021

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Christina wanted to speak to you all and own up to something. When it comes to bullying, Christina is worried that in the past she may have sometimes been part of the problem. Listen in to find out why and what changes she is making to be actively anti-bullying.


In the online world we have a lot of trolls, haters etc and it makes people frightened of putting themselves out there. They don’t want to have to deal with this negativity.

In the past, Christina has talked about how you have to embrace the negativity and trolls online. But she now realises this is in part because she is a strong person. Looking at it from a different perspective, she can understand why it would worry and upset other people more.

Christina is now promising to stop encouraging this kind of behaviour and be there for anyone who needs help or support for the negativity they get online.

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