What is Your Hearts Art? Talking Business, Change and Passion with Dawn Willock

17 Jul 2023

Christina Talks guest episode with Dawn Willock

In this episode, Christina is joined by a woman she relates to on many levels and whom she holds a lot of respect and admiration for, an ‘absolute powerhouse of a woman’ Dawn Willock. Dawn is a business owner who stands for truth and integrity in business. She talks to Christina about why this is important to her, how this translates into her business practices, and why peer support is essential to any entrepreneur or business owner. Dawn also talks about the importance of embracing change in business, why covid had some positive influences, her book writing process and even a story about DMing Russell Brand!


Many are fearful of change, but it’s necessary and is often how we make a name for ourselves in business. You have to get out of your comfort zone to make progress.

Covid forced change; it pushed some businesses into the modern world. Those who had already implemented change effectively previously had an advantage over those who resisted it.

You have to be bold and take chances to become successful, if you don’t try things in the first place then you will certainly fail!

You must weigh up the balance between your work and personal life. It’s not worth doing everything 100% at work if your personal life is falling apart.

Dawn fell out of love with her business which then impacted her energy, drive and passion which in turn influenced the metrics and health of the business.

Your business challenges aren’t unique, you have to be honest and then seek support and help. Masterminds can be invaluable for this.

Book writing has been cathartic for Dawn and allowed her to feel joy in new and unique ways. She has written her book for her, if it sells well that’s a great bonus!

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