The Next Generation of Employees with Steven Rothberg

19 Jun 2023

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Steven Rothberg is the founder of college recruiter, a job search site. He believes that every student and recent grad deserves the right career, and finding one should be easy and inexpensive for employers to reach them, and this is what they facilitate.

He joins Christina to talk about the current generation of people entering the workforce, who the winners and losers of AI and automation will be as well as the different approaches of businesses in regards to recruitment and progression.


The current generation of students and graduates have more opportunities than ever, especially in regards to flexibility, doing what they want when they want and where they want.

Everything is going to be changed by AI, and it will happen faster than most people realise.

Universal basic income would not be as much of a far-fetched idea in a world filled with AI. In the best-case scenario, the world would become less about output and making money and more about fulfilment and purpose.

As most larger organisations have many opportunities and specific graduate programmes, this is where most university and college leavers start their careers, whether they want to or not.

Having a specific set of skills won’t always serve you, being versatile and having more general knowledge can protect you in harder economic times, allowing you to be more flexible and avoid layoffs.

It’s good for a business to develop their employees but it needs to take into account that they are individuals rather than the ‘cookie-cutter’ approach.

One of the benefits of small organisations is that they are generally more nimble, meaning they can be flexible with the skillset of those they hire. If someone fits culturally they are more likely to hire them even without the required skills.

Try and think of ways you can include and demonstrate your company culture in job ads, to ensure you attract the right candidates.

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