Social Media Doesn’t Work Unless You Do These 5 Things

20 Jun 2021


Social media is always changing, but so are we. Habits and behaviours change all the time so we must embrace and adapt with them.

In this episode Christina shares a talk she recently did at the UK Recruiter Tech Event.

It doesn’t matter If you are in recruitment or not, these 5 things still apply and social media will not be successful and work in the ways you want it to without them.


The reality is that social media WORKS. If it didn’t help bring business in then people wouldn’t be using it. Regardless of sector, the way to make social media work is based on using a framework and then personalising this to work for you and your business.

What perception are you creating and is it right for your audience? Are you being human and is it authentic?

The five things Christina says you need to do for social media to work for you are:

1. Respect the algorithm.

– Content. Make your content consistent and ensure it is of high quality.

– Be Relevant. Are you using trending topics, keywords etc.

– Affinity. Think about the end user. Everything you create is for them and will be served to them by the platforms-they will only serve it to them if they think it’s something they will have an affinity with as user.

– Interest and interaction.

– Currency. When was the last time they were on the platform, what will be most relevant to them when they come online?

2. Keep the balance, your content should sell but not always in the way you think. We need to ‘seed’ the message rather than just asking people to buy, give people content that is of value.

3. Stay relevant. People care about what is happening right now, not yesterday. Make sure the content you share as unbranded content is 100% ticking the boxes of those you want to work with and is up to date with your industry and sector.

4. Be the example. If you are the example on the platform, are consistent and contribute to others you will be known for creating value. It is also a great way to leverage other people’s audiences.

5. Have you followed up? Have you responded?

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