How to Unleash Your Inner Maverick with Shari Teigman

14 Aug 2023

How to Unleash Your Inner Maverick with The Shari Teigman

Shari Teigman is a  performance coach and creative strategist who works with individuals to unleash their maverick in their life and business through being who they truly are. Shari joins Christina to discuss the vital importance of expressing your true self and why the journey to finding out and understanding who you are, who you have been and who you truly want to be is pivotal in creating your unique life and business and impacting on the world as a unique individual


You can get lost in branding but you can also find in it yourself too, and when you ask, ‘Who am I?’ there is a silent inner revolution and the realisation that you can’t be anyone except yourself

If you don’t reconcile internally who you truly are, you can experience imposter syndrome, and struggle to find where you fit in

There is justice and rebirth when you face who you think you are, who you’ve been and who you think you want to be  over and over again

There is the knowing and there is the habit, when we are expanding into learning how to think differently we are facing our primal habitual self

We learn in a state of openness and  do in a state of panic, go mode and excitement, we don’t use the same parts of ourselves

Leadership is connection and to connect you need to be vulnerable because you can’t build trust without it

No one else lives your life and knows how you feel so why would you ask everyone else’s opinion about what to do next

We can’t change anything until we have space and perspective, when you have space you can see the difference and  act differently

You go on a ride knowing you have your self-leadership, how to ground yourself, manage your state and who to lean on and how to read your own clues and that all that needed in your toolbox

You have to know what you are ready for, who you are and who you want to be before you look for a coach

The reason we have those ‘not them’ moments with the wrong mentors is because we are going to be saved by someone but you need to find out what you don’t need, you learn by doing and undoing

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