Recruiting Brainfood – ‘Don’t Forget Your Why’ (With Hung Lee)

29 Aug 2020

Hung Lee - Christina Talks

In this first episode, Christina is in conversation with Hung Lee creator of ‘Recruiting Brainfood’

They talk about how Recruiting Brainfood began and the inspiring 24-hour live streaming event that recently took place.

Hung is passionate about the impact our humanity has and is currently curating individuals in the recruitment space sharing their own stories. These stories are about humanity and move others because it is about finding out about who people really are. Lots of us have forgotten the why behind what we do and any action that brings us closer to our humanity is a step towards reconnection.


Brainfood was initially about putting together all the resources I had to help others in a public archive.

Whatever content you are producing if you are asking people to subscribe and asking them for a portion of their time you have to be consistent and regularly produce content.

You have to be there every week, it’s all about longevity and building trust.

We are all creatures of habit and we live in a world of constant change so as a content producer you have to be able to offer consistency of approach and a regular pattern for how things happen.

As soon as you have a following and community of any sort you have a responsibility to them.

I wanted to provide opportunities for interaction between the great minds that are a part of brainfood.

We need to talk in a way that humanises people and I wanted to do that for the recruitment


Those who are telling their own stories are experiencing a reconnection with their values

People respond to other people’s true stories and in it makes the world a better place because it brings us closer to our humanity

It takes courage to be honest with yourself because you have to look at you in the mirror

Memories may not be gentle but reconnecting with those things is about who you are.

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