LinkedIn Limits

16 May 2021

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There has been a lot of noise and complaints surrounding LinkedIn and the new limitations they have brought in. Christina wants to turn this on its head, explain why this is actually a positive thing and will create authenticity and also what you can now do instead of your old LinkedIn tactics.


People use software on linkedin for growth and this is something linkedin do not want you to be doing, this is part of the reason for the limitations coming in. If you want to make connections with people, then you should be putting in the effort and the hard work in and make them at a more human level. You get out what you put in.

Create better content. The more you give the more likely you will get a valuable connection and will speak to those you want to do business with.

Look at your competition and clients, what are they engaging in, what type of content are they creating? You can learn a lot about what you should be doing from this task.

LinkedIn groups is an old feature that was really great at creating communities. This could be an opportunity for them to revitalise the feature. There would have to be some changes though as they became very spammy previously; we would need to make them more value driven.

You don’t have to always ‘connect’ on LinkedIn. You can engage with people by following them instead, then continue to engage on their posts so that you become familiar to them. This also works if you want to connect with someone you feel won’t connect with you straight away.

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