Belonging to a Business Community

13 Mar 2023

EP71 - Richard Osborne - WEB THUMNAIL

Richard Osborne, Founder and CEO of UKBF – UK Business Forum, talks with Christina about

the emotional rollercoaster of being a business owner and how being part of a community with other business owners with shared experiences makes such a positive difference

In a time where being a business owner is more accessible than it’s ever been, hear about the key elements you need to get in place and why building the right team is so important.


  • It’s a human need to want to be part of something and belong
  • There is a shift in drivers and values when you start a business,, and you can end up feeling isolated
  • UKBF takes people who all have shared experiences and brings them together
  • These communities are a massive support for small business owners and their mental health
  • Small businesses are small teams, they are micro families, and you can’t not get close to people
  • Being a business owner has become more accessible, and the pandemic resulted in a huge increase in  e-commerce-style businesses
  • There are more people starting up in business but education doesn’t include any of the necessary aspects of starting a business.

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